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Verify balance and account holder information, ensure check writing history is sound and validate bank accounts using CheckVerification.com's

Check Verification

ATM and NCN Verify Services
ATM/NCN Verify
The ATM/NCN check verification solution allows merchants to identify if an account is open, valid and in good standings.
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Live Verify Service
Live Verify
The most accurate check verification solution, Live Verify, validates account balances and account holder information.
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Instant Verification Services
Instant Verification
Using consumer online banking credentials, merchants can instantly verify funds and conumer information.
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Resubmit NSF Checks for Check Verification

Reduce or eliminate returns by using our Check Verification solution to reverify NSF checks. Verify all checks before they're resubmitted to your bank or processor.

Remote Deposit Capture

Use our Remote Deposit Capture software to scan physical checks conviniently at your home or office. Combine your transactions with virtual checks to easily submit recurring transactions and emboss customer signatures.

Credit Card Gateway

The credit card gateway features standard credit submission protocols as well as a tokenized credit card submission process to reduce costs and time.

Ido Meros - CEO of Check Verification

Ido Meros
Mr. Meros is responsible for strategic partnerships and product development.

Mike Ginzburg - SVP of Check Verification

Mike Ginzburg
Mr. Ginzburg oversees merchant services and our credit card gateway solution.

Paul Martinez - VP of Check Verification

Paul Martinez
Mr. Martinez is responsible for all check verification activities and personnel.

CheckVerification.com Site Launched

Check21.com launches the CheckVerification.com website.

Live Verification Technology Optimized

CheckVerification.com optimized the Live Verify Check Verification option adding an additional 10 banks.

Remote Deposit Capture in Beta Testing

CheckVerification initiates Beta Testing of the its new Remote Deposit Capture Solution.