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Account Verification and NACHA Compliance for Mid-Market and Enterprise Businessess

Mid-market and enterprise businesses use our services to stay compliant with ACH payment processing, reduce their risk, and lower their costs.

We serve all industries, including insurance, energy, property management, and transportation.

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Is this the right service for your business?

This solution is perfect for you if…

  • You are a mid-market or enterprise business looking to stay compliant with NACHA regulations.
    Great! Our solution easily integrates with your current systems to automate this process and remain compliant with regulations.
  • You need to do risk analysis on potential customers before doing business with them.
    Great! Our services are perfect for evaluating risk as part of the decision-making process to approve consumer applications.
  • You have a high volume of ACH payments and want to reduce payment returns and avoid fraud.
    Great! Real-time validation of accounts and e-check writing history greatly increases your chances of a successful, seamless flow of transactions.

This solution is NOT for you if…

  • You need to verify funds in an account.
    Sorry! We do not verify funds. We verify the validity of accounts.
  • If you are looking for a check guarantee service.
    Sorry! We cannot guarantee checks.
  • If you are a mid-risk or high-risk business looking for merchant services.
    Sorry! We do not serve businesses in the Nutraceuticals, Computer Repair, CBD, or other mid-risk or high-risk industries.