Reduce Payment Returns and Stay ACH Compliant With Our Plug-And-Play Salesforce App

When you install and register our native Check Verification Salesforce app, you’ll immediately be able to start reducing your ACH payment returns.

You can also configure and customize the app to automate your ACH verification process as part of your workflow.


Verify payment history and account validity in Salesforce for ACH payments

  • Easy to Use Plug-and-Play App

    This plug-and-play app works in Salesforce right out of the box. Just register, download, and install the app from the Salesforce AppExchange, and reduce payment returns immediately.

  • Customize the App to Your Workflow

    You can also customize the app to your workflow to automatically apply verification results to specific accounts and records.

  • Stay ACH Compliant

    Avoid customers who are likely to have returned payments when you use the ATM/NCN database feature to identify bad check/e-check writers, and verify account validity via the ForeWarn database (updated daily!).

  • Get Verification Results Instantly

    Once submitting a transaction for ATM Verify or ForeWarn, a client receives the result of the verification in real-time.

  • Total Coverage

    The combination of ATM Verify and ForeWarn Validation covers nearly 90% of the bank accounts within the United States.